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Refurbished Antique Chandeliers using new Crystals & Chain

Here are a few of our favorite Antique Brass Chandeliers we completed in 2014

Posted on April 17, 2015 by AUTHOR Abigail McMaugh | 2 comments

We wanted to showcase a few of our Projects we completed using our own Chandelier Crystals to show our customers some examples and finished projects using our crystals to show the beauty they can add to a lighting fixture.  All the Chandeliers were stripped down and cleaned using our process listed in a prior blog post.  We replaced all the old dingy prisms with our line of chandelier crystals which all have a beautiful glimmer to them. We would love to hear from you so please post your comment below.







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  • Daniel

    You are going to be Rewarded after this project. Yes, You gonna need our Pinned Chandelier Crystals with Hooks and remember to have fun with the restoration and its really a simple and easy process. If you have any question with the project calls us Direct and I will jump on the phone to help guide you through the process. Can you send us pictures when your finished? We would love to see them.

    Crystal Prism World

  • Pamela Emmett

    I have an old brass chandelier that was in my family home growing up. I have always loved it, but at the moment needs some TLC. I just came across your blog and am intrigued that i can clean the brass with WD-40. I have shied away from doing anything out of fear of ruining it, meanwhile, I can not afford to pay someone to do it on my behalf. Your article has inspired me. I can’t wait for the weekend to try it out.

    Once I clean the brass I will need crystals. Am I correct that when I buy from you the wires/hooks are attached?


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