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Learn How to Restore Old Antique Brass Chandeliers Like the Pros.

Learn Trade Secrets Restoring Old Antique Brass Chandeliers.

Posted on April 11, 2014 by AUTHOR Abigail McMaugh | 29 comments

How to Restore an Old Antique Brass Chandelier like the Professionals.

Our step by step process was developed by one of our own professionals & owner of Crystal Prism World, "Daniel McMaugh. With over 20 years of experience and over 500 successful full restorations for clients all over the world. Learn his trade secrets and please be sure to read the entire process prior to beginning your restoration project.

We purchased this old antique brass chandelier with crystals from a flea market for $125.00 with the idea of providing a step by step process to showcase how easy and simple it is to turn an old antique chandelier into a Masterpiece. The project was so easy as all we did was simply strip down and removed all the chipped, scratched original crystals and cleaned the brass with WD40 Spray which is a trade secret.  We discard the old low quality crystals and replaced them with new high quality yet very affordable chandelier crystals.  Now, when cleaning an old brass chandelier you don't want to remove the patina that took years to collect but simply enhance and clean what's already there.  Take a small paint brush like an Artist would paint with and spray WD40 into a cup.  Simply dip the brush into the WD40 Spray and start to wipe the brass like you are painting a picture and the wd40 will lift the dirt and re-hydrates the old brass that has dried out over the years.  After you've applied the WD40 let it soak into the brass and wiping away the excess after 30 minutes. After you've cleaned the chandelier you are ready to hang the crystals.  There is nothing to hanging crystals as each chandelier will have existing holes where the crystals are to hung from so all you have to do is hang each chandelier crystal where each of these holes exist.  Well, that's about it...Very simple and straight to the point so next time you see an old junky looking chandelier, buy it up and refurbish it...You won't regret it. 

Recommendation:  We recommend using 15 watt light bulbs for any chandelier that has over 16 lights.   With so many lights bulbs you will over power your room and over heat the room.

Electrical: We always recommend having a licensed electrician inspect the wiring as some of the older chandeliers with cloth wrapped wiring may be unsafe due to the age.  Later model chandeliers, sconces, candelabras & lamps might have more current plastic wrapped wiring but when it comes to electrical its better to be save and have it inspected. Restored Antique Chandeliers are much more desirable & valuable with new Premium Crystals and New Wiring. 

Supplies needed for this restoration project.

1. Artist Paint Brush $2.97

2. WD40 $4.97

3. Plastic Cup f- rom your Kitchen

4. Chandelier Crystals $2.50 Each (Take 40% Off Today)

5. Crystal Chain 12mm $18.50 per 6 Feet


Before Picture


 After Photos

It's a much easier task than most people think.  This whole project took less than 2 hrs.  You simply clean the brass explained in the first step, remove the old crystals and replace them with new chandelier crystals & crystal chain and your done.  Its such an easy project I recommend this to anyone at any skill level. 

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  • Marlene

    … FYI: I work for these folks and they can restore ANYTHING !

  • marion allison

    I have an antique chandeliers. It requires some work on the shades that cover the lights and 10 crystals. I eighter want to sell it or find someone to help me fix it.

  • Sharon Culianos

    Hi, I just read this about antique brass and crystal chandeliers. Yours looks beautiful . Can I clean one that has porceline lamoge trims without ruining the lamoge and do I nee to remove crystals for sure to avoid damage on the other chandelier. I have three different brass ones -two with crystals much lkie your own and one which is brass with the lamoge trim.

  • Candy

    Do you know the value of the chandelier after cleaning?

  • Daniel McMaugh

    Hi, You dont have to remove them and if you can reach around them you can keep them. I normally do it without them hanging only because Im doing a complete restoration and its just easier that way. I have completed many restorations with them attached and its usually a simple cleaning and not a detailed restoration. I hope this helps and please feel free to contact me at anytime and I will be more than happy to help you though the process.

    Thank You
    Crystal Prism World

  • Marianne

    I have 2 brass and crystal chandeliers very similar to the one you bought that hang in my front hallway. I do not want to replace the crystals as they are Baccarat, but need to know if I should remove them before I apply the WD40 to the brass areas. I’d assume it is just more convenient to reach the brass areas without the crystals, or will the WD40 damage the crystal? The brass looks so dingy since we had repair work done in the hallway: old house grime and construction dust needs to go!

  • Carol

    What if I am handing the crystals where there has never been any crystals. How can I attach them?

  • Jonathan

    Hi. Can I buy this chandelier from you?


  • tara

    Hi Guys, I just bought the exact same crystal chandelier, I was happy until i viewed your refurbished one. I would like to know what products I need to purchase and how many to get the same results. Thank you…how many crystal and crystal beads and quality,


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